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Friday, September 25, 2009

Recent: Made a new Duct Tape Wallet

If you watch my videos, you may know that I have a duct tape wallet video on Youtube. After that one was finished, I used the remaining duct tape to build a better one. Will be posting a tutorial on the newer and better one later. For now, I just have these pictures taken and edited with some really cool free software (may post a tut for that too).

This new duct tape wallet is twice as thin as the original, as you see here. Instead of using one of the bulkier ways to make one on one of the tuts, I trimmed it down a bit using less. This may be kind of random, but the duct tape was used to the last bit, right down to the cardboard. Duct tape wallets are highly popular at high schools all over and I highly recommend you sell them. Of course, you should get permission from a teacher first.

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  1. please post the tutorial soon of this and the duct tape ipod case

  2. Yeah, I'd really like to see a tutorial on how to make one of these, have you just scrapped the idea?