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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The List

I've had a lot of requests, so I am going to list them here. If you guys have any more, just comment. This list is not in the order of when I am going to make them.

•Airsoft trip mine (By _________)
•Cannon that shoots through a half inch plate (By CHELSEAFAN134)
•Tutorial for newspaper crossbow
•Tutorial for PVC cannon (Complete)
•The oldest one: Tutorial for $10 airsoft sniper
•Wooden, full scale crossbow (Complete)
•Paper chu-ko-nu, or reapeating crossbow (By rs4pwn)
•Tutorial on spray painting rifles (Complete)
•Ballistics gel
•Wolverine retractible claws (by whynoname24)
•Airsoft grenades (by whynoname24)
•Smoke bombs (by whynoname24)
•Flamthrower (by whynoname24)
•Air soft tank (by whynoname24)
•Paintball armor (by whynoname24)
•Rapid fire airsoft gun (By swordsmanJRR)
•Mini spud gun (By 1soccerrocks1)
•Foldable crossbow (By 1soccerrocks1 & kigazed12)

•And more, please comment if I am missing some (Plenty are missing)

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