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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Upcoming Video: An Old Video's Return...

Here are some shots of what may come back in a new video:


  1. im new on making guns, i mean i never made one(:D), and just wanted to ask about the range. how far does it go? plz quick reply :D

  2. and something else; if it hasnt got a pump (works with airtank) can it shoot more than 1 shot?

  3. oh yea and what kind of ammo can it shoot?
    plzzz quick reply

  4. I'm sorry about the 10 day late reply. Our internet was down during that time. I've made a new version of the gun and it is way better. The one here can shoot probably 100 feet and is built to be able to shoot more than one shot. The two ball valves are used for that, the first one opened while the other is closed to distribute the pressurized air, and then closed again so the front valve can open and release only the pressurized air in between the two ball valves. The gun shoots airsoft 6mm bb's, .12 or .2 If the airsoft barrel is removed, it might be able to shoot a semi-frozen grape? Just thinking.