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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Possible new air cannon, a six shot paintball cannon

Not much else to say.  Here is a picture of it, made it a little bit ago.  I might be making this soon. The gun is a six shot revolver style paintball gun. The inner parts will be made from PVC pipe. The pump is attached to a bike tire outlet for easy pumping and the chamber is contained on the inside of the wooden shell. The shell is wooden and is basically two pistol shape pieces that are the same on both sides of the gun and the space between will be more wood, mainly to protect the user if the air chamber explodes...


  1. not very practical in a paintball war though

  2. needa a higher volume/pressure chamber as well as a decent valve if you want it to launch six paintballs at a reasonable speed.
    I'd use steel and a qev or a homemade piston valve, as well as stirrup pump in place of the crappy small bike pump.

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