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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Return of the $10 Airsoft Gun and Updates

1: Two ball valves
2: Pvc Outer layer with pipe in middle.
3: Stronger air chamber
4: Bike tire outlet for easy pumping
5: Up to three shots
7: More precise, not accurate
8: Painted black

My first video uploaded on Youtube was of an airsoft gun
with the ability to shoot at 450 fps and could be made for $10.
That was a long time ago and a little false. This gun here has
the same stock, but a lot of improvements. Remember, I did not make these guns because I don't own one or because I can't afford one. They are for fun only.

The new gun has two ball valves, a bike tire outlet for easy pumping with a hand pump or foot pump, and a stronger air chamber. I also painted it black and put some protective pvc pipe around the barrel to keep it from bending.

The two ball valves allow for more than one shot because the space between them creates a pocket of air strong enough to shoot multiple bb's.


  1. Hey dude, just found this site, pretty cool.

    Do you think adding quick-dump valves would increase the speed of the BB's?

  2. Yes, a quick dump valve would make the gun about 100 fps faster. The whole point of releasing the ball valve really fast is to let the air out as fast as possible (more air in one spot traveling down the barrel to the bb). The fps of the gun is around 300, which is pretty good for a homemade gun.

  3. Would you post a tutorial on this, seems like it would be a fun project for me to do.

  4. This is freaking sweet!!, i would love to know how you made it, maybe if you could do a tutorial that would be great!!, but in the mean time i have a few question.[1] Are you useing a pvc pipe as your air chamber? [2] If so could you put the bike valve on one end of the pvc pipe and then have the tube coming out of the pvc pipe on the other end? [3] Could i have the air chamber connected straight to the ball valves or do you have that tube going form the chamber to the ball valve for a reason? [4] And lastly what parts of the gun is actual metal and what parts and pvc piping? Thanks soo mucch, i really look forward to a tutorial. :)

  5. Sorry for the more-than-a-week-late reply. So, Anonymous, I'm using PVC pipe as the air chamber because it is cheap and easy to drill into. It is rated for air pressure. For your second question, I am planning to do that but use PVC pipe instead of the tubing because the tubing leaks. The air chamber can go straight to the ball valves, it was just more convenient at the time to have the tubing because it allowed better placement. The only part of the gun that is metal is the 6mm barrel. Thanks for reading the blog!

  6. Nice re-design! By now, I've noticed that you seem to add the vocalizations after you create the footage. Is this true?


  7. I record sound and edit all my videos with Audacity and Cyberlink Powerdirector. You should check out the latest video, I redesigned it again.

  8. did you use a chrony or ggdt to get the fps of the original?
    450 sounds a tad warped, especially for a ball balve gun.

  9. Couldn't get a chrono and tried to get a GGDT. If I had gotten a chrono the actual fps would be 290-320. It was my first video posted 2 years ago and it was bound to be bad...

  10. ggdt is a computer program ............
    so how are you measuring the fps?