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Monday, January 28, 2013

Progress on the 5-Layer Crossbow

Red line is the bolt's path through
the revolving nut.

Progress has been going slowly on the new crossbow. For this one, I am using Solid Edge Drafting, a 2D CAD program available for free online. You can try it here if you are interested. The program has helped me draw out the crossbow design and turn it into a printable PDF.

The crossbow itself is going to have a 5-layer body. The first two outer layers form the shape of the body and the bow-prod holder on the front. Between this two layers are the last three, which make up the trigger system. The reason for 5 layers is that I wanted to keep the same style of trigger while also giving space inside the trigger, the revolving nut, for the arrow to hook the crossbow string. To do this, the revolving nut has to have a wide enough opening in the center for the arrow and needs strength on the sides with added layers. Each layer of wood will be either 1/4" or 1/2", but I'm not sure which to use where just yet. 

Right now, the next step is to cut out the layers on cardboard and glue them together to see how comfortable it is. If there is anything awkward, it will be easy to fix it in the drafting program.
The outer layer of the 5-layer crossbow.

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